pain-management-office-staff-doctor1Our approach to pain care has been successful in relieving suffering, improving quality of life,and quickly returning patients to work and to a more active lifestyle.

As a patient experiencing severe pain, choosing the best pain management doctor and treatment options are the most important decisions you will make.

Dr.Solomonov is dedicated to providing world class specialized care to those suffering from acute and chronic pain. By using a holistic approach with state of the art technologies, patients are offered the full spectrum of treatment options.

Pain comes in many forms and at PMAofNJ, we strive to treat each patient individually in a compassionate setting.

Even when pain can not be completely eliminated, improvements in lifestyle are often significant.

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We will work together to help you or your loved one achieve an improved quality of life.


Pain management, also called pain medicine, is a type of specialized medical care designed to minimize the impact of surgical pain or chronic pain. Chronic pain, in particular, can be difficult to control and sometimes impossible to cure. But pain management treatments can reduce pain and help patients enjoy a better quality of life.


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The amount of relief each individual receives from the injections depends mostly on the underlying problem. Therefore, individual responses vary significantly.

Most injections are performed in a series of three, 2 weeks apart. However, patients are evaluated after the second injection to determine if they need to receive a third injection.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing. Make sure you let your physician know if you are taking any blood thinners (anticoagulants). Take the rest of your medications as you normally do.

If you take blood thinner medications such as Coumadin, Plavix, Ticlid, etc., please let your physician know before scheduling your procedure for appropriate instructions regarding stopping the medication.

It is recommended that you don’t drive after your injection procedure. It is REQUIRED for you to have another adult drive you after any procedure which requires IV sedation, or any procedure which may cause numbness or weakness in your legs. Please follow your pre-procedure instructions as each injection treatment is different.

Local anesthesia is provided for all injection procedures to numb the skin before any needle placement. Most procedures are therefore tolerated very well with only local anesthesia.


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  • Ian

    I went to Dr. Solomonov because I had a back pain for number of years and lately it was killing me. First of all, I want to mention that the stuff was very friendly and helpful, and they did their best to make me feel better cause I was very scared and nervous. When I met with Dr. Solomonov, I was pleasantly surprised that he was not rushing, he spend time with me to explain what needs to be done for my treatment, he made me understand all of the procedures involved.

  • Olivia


    I could barely walk and my doctor just kept giveing me pain pills that didnt work. Doc put me on new meds and gave me some shots. What a big differance. I am going to have a spinal cord stimulator implanted by him also. Know one but him even mentioned one and it is perfect for my problem which is failed back syndrom from an operation 22 years ago.
    God bless Dr. Mikhail Solomonov.

  • David


    I am a writing to express my deepest gratitude to Dr.Solomonov. I have a very complicated medical history and have struggled with pain for most of my life. I have an illness that is difficult to diagnose and difficult to treat so more often then not I am bounced from doctor to doctor without being helped…until I met Dr.Solomonov.