Interventional Pain Management is a medical subspecialty that is devoted to the identification and treatment of a patient’s cause of pain. An example of a pain generator is a painful disc in the spine.

The goal of treatment is to reduce or eliminate pain, improve function and quality of life, facilitate return to work, and avoid invasive surgery. Interventional Pain Physicians utilize various injections (nerve blocks) or other minimally invasive procedures as part of the patient’s care. These interventional procedures are not investigational and are approved by the FDA. Treatment may also include physical therapy, medications, and referral to other physician specialists.

qi_01Our approach to pain care has been successful in relieving suffering, improving quality of life, and quickly returning patients to work and a more active lifestyle. As a patient living with chronic, acute or severe pain, choosing the best doctor and treatment options are the most important decisions you will make. Your pain and well being depend on the right choice.

PMA of NJ specializes in treating the patient’s pain source, and not just the symptoms.Our practice is dedicated to providing world class specialized care to those suffering from acute and chronic pain. By using a holistic approach with state of the art technologies, patients are offered the full spectrum of treatment options. Is your loved one in pain and would like help to manage it in the right way? Patients who live with chronic, acute or severe pain often have traveled a terrible journey. All aspects of their life are affected in a nightmare of pain, medication and non-effective procedures. This leads to a degradation of lifestyle that affects the patient and his/her family. PMA of NJ practices responsible pain management and prescribes appropriate medication when necessary. Additionally, we monitor the levels of medication in patients to ensure they are not over-medicated and are adapting well to our non-surgical and/or surgical pain management procedures. We will develop an individual plan to treat your loved one’s underlying pain condition, with the mutual goal to reduce or eliminate the need for medication. Make an appointment today. We will work together to help your loved one achieve an improved quality of life.